Machine Learning Consulting

Years in your field have allowed you to become a specialist in your profession. Your keen intuition enables you to anticipate and plan faster than your competitors. Philéas allows you to confirm your intuition by exploring your data and multiplying abilities.The Machine Learning based on the data you provide, combined with your expertise, allows you to materialize your intuitions using a 100% customized tool built for your company and custom environment.

Data Audit
Potential analysis
We do Data Auditing. When your business generates a large amount of data, it offers a great opportunity for Machine Learning. Based on your business logic, we can partner with you and offer technology that can reduce your costs, increase security and confirm important strategic decisions.
We provide machine learning solutions to help entreprises automate processes and leverage artificial intelligence approach. We are partnering with big data developers and researchers from the academic world. Our first-class access to university data centers enables you to have powerful real-time calculations.
Model Tuning
Math on demand
Not every problem can be solved, unless we have a good working model. Thanks to our academic research and mathematical expertise, we can assist you in developing custom mathematical models in order to increase accuracy.
Humans Resourcing
In partnership with Degetel, we have accumulated 15 years of experience in guiding our customers through their digital transformation. We know how to match your specific needs and find the expert(s) you are looking for.
Data Exploration with Phileas